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{jen frey}

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{jeff frey}

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Hi, I’m Jen Frey – and that sweetie to my right is my husband Jeff.

I’ve been using essential oils for nearly 20 years, and I LOVE empowering families – especially mamas – to couple their innate sense with essential oils to naturally care for their families. 

My career began as a medical assistant before I transitioned into a full-time mom. As a health-minded mama, I began craving a more wholesome lifestyle for myself and my children.

It was then that I began fervently researching natural living and holistic remedies.

As my knowledge {and babies} grew, I sought out a career that better suited my natural lifestyle. I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, where I began using essential oils in my practice.

During this time as a LMT, I gained an incredible amount of experience helping others find solutions to enhance their well being. I loved teaching others about the incredible benefits of essential oils, and ultimately, my massage business helped launch my true calling – our dōTERRA essential oil business.

Now, as top dōTERRA leaders, my husband and I have complete time and financial freedom to pursue our life’s purpose – to lead other parents to find their own purpose.

We know that dōTERRA is the perfect vehicle for this, as it is essentially a self development company nestled in an essential oil company.

Our goal is to help each and every home become equipped with these beautiful, powerful, God-given oils, and we won’t stop until they’re at the fingertips of each man, woman, and child – supporting them emotionally and physically throughout their life.

Now, a little bit about The Outdoorsman!

As the name implies, Jeff is an avid outdoorsman with a great love of the country.

He is an amazing guide and has traveled all over the world and continues to amaze his {adoring} wife with his knowledge of the land and game.

Jeff is also an amazing leader to the Pure Oil Couple team. He’s passionate about empowering individuals to be self reliant and successful both in business and in life.

Together, the two of us are dedicated to sharing and empowering each of you to be confident and successful in achieving optimal health and a fulfilled life.

Can’t wait to connect!

jen & jeff

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