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hi, we're jen & jeff frey - the pure oil couple.

And together, we lead one of the largest and most vibrant teams of essential oil users, sharers and entrepreneurs in the world.

No matter how you stumbled upon our site, you need to know that you're in the right place.

Let us explain.

While women are typically the instigators of all things oily (as was true in our case), we’ve found that men quickly jump on board as they begin to experience the power of essential oils first hand.

So, whether you’re a mama on a mission to eliminate toxins, an avid outdoorsman, a seeker of all-natural beauty products, or anything in between, we're confident that essential oils are about to be your new go-to product.

We can't wait to teach you more about the powerful benefits that YOU can receive from essential oils.

We have so much to tell you about oils - and we'll get there - but first, please allow us to introduce ourselves.


{jen & jeff frey}

Jen Frey has nearly 20 years of experience using essential oils.

She loves empowering families - especially mamas - to couple their innate sense with essential oils to naturally care for their families.

Jen's career began as a medical assistant before she transitioned into a full-time mom. As a health-minded mama, she began craving a more wholesome lifestyle for her children.

It was then that she began fervently researching natural living and holistic remedies.

As her knowledge (and babies) grew, Jen sought out a career that better suited her natural lifestyle.

She became a Licensed Massage Therapist, where she began using essential oils in her practice.

During this time as a LMT, Jen gained an incredible amount of experience helping others find solutions to enhance their well being. She loved teaching others about the incredible benefits of essential oils, and ultimately, her massage business helped launch her true calling - her dōTERRA essential oil business. 

Now, as a top dōTERRA leader, Jen has complete time and financial freedom to pursue her life's purpose - to lead other mothers to find their own purpose.

She knows that dōTERRA is the perfect vehicle for this, as it is essentially a self development company nestled in an essential oil company.

Jen's goal is to help each and every home become equipped with these beautiful, powerful, God given oils.

She won't stop until they're at the fingertips of each man, woman, and child - supporting them emotionally and physically throughout their life.

Jen truly believes that dōTERRA essential oils are a gift from God, and that access to this gift will help people show up powerfully in every moment of their lives, so that they are able to serve both God and mankind.

Get to know Jen better here.

Jeff is an avid outdoorsman with a great love of the country.

He is an amazing guide and has traveled all over the world and continues to amaze his adoring wife with his knowledge of the land and game.

Jeff is an amazing leader to the Pure Oil Couple team, and is passionate about empowering individuals to be self reliant and successful both in business and in life.

Get to know Jeff better here.

Together, Jen and Jeff are passionate about sharing and empowering each of you to be confident and successful in achieving optimal health and a fulfilled life.

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essential oils

{purely perfect}

We’re head-over-heels in love with dōTERRA essential oils, and we know that once you try them, you will be too. We use oils for everything from strengthening our immune systems, to helping relieve sore muscles and joints, to uplifting our moods, to cleaning our home. Seriously, there’s nothing that these amazing oils can’t do!

Essential oils are unique because oils have the amazing ability of working on virtually everyone.

Yes, everyone!

Just ask our oil-loving team of thousands – from tiny tots to grandparents, essential oils show no favoritism.

Plus, oils are naturally designed to be used in your every day health routine.

Essential oils are  and their aptitude for natural healing {emotionally, physically, spiritually} is truly remarkable.

If you’re wondering how you can use oils in your household, we urge you to explore by watching a few short informational videos. Once you’re ready to learn more, contact us to set up a one-on-one phone consultation and we’ll help you figure out which purchasing option is best for you.

{our caring company}

In a world of many hardships, it’s important to share uplifting messages that will inspire and strengthen individuals everywhere. Take a moment to read about your dōTERRA community and the good that is being done in locations across the world. Then, take that goodness and share it with those around you!

dōTERRA Wellness Advocates Teach Health Benefits Through Processed-Free America

dōTERRA International and CHOICE Humanitarian Add to Nepal Relief Efforts

dōTERRA Wellness Advocates Volunteer with Alzheimer’s Association

dōTERRA Wellness Advocates Volunteer at Nemours Children’s Hospital

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Location: Cornerstone Coffeehouse | 2nd Floor | 2133 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011

We have an amazing lineup of essential oil classes each month, including topics such as: Essential Oils 101, Stress Less, All About Kids, Mood Management, Women's Health & Hormones, Make & Take, and more! If you're interested in snagging a copy of this month's class schedule, send us a quick note today

{training & resources}

We're proud to provide top-notch business training and resources to our wonderful team members.

In need of some inspiration? (Aren't we all?) You can find our personal development book recommendations right here.

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Please feel free to reach out to either of us with any questions about purchasing essential oils or joining our team. We're here for you!

Email: jen@pureoilcouple.com
Phone (717) 503-0673

Email: jeff@pureoilcouple.com
Phone (717) 580-5139


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